Spirituality. Graphic

If we are not just our personalities, then who are we? We are on this journey not to rid ourselves of the Personality Structure, but to be able to see our way through it. It’s the difference between having a personality and it having us. It’s an important distinction to make and is attainable through the Spiritual Journey.

The Spiritual Journey requires a Spiritual Practice. So, what is a Spiritual Practice, anyway? To discover this, we need to first clarify the difference between a Spiritual Practice and a Religious one. I know these are the “buzz” words and many people like to make the distinction that they indeed are not religious, but spiritual. But what does that mean, exactly?

A true distinction can be made not by looking at the behaviors and actions of a spiritual practice vs. a religious one, but by looking within. The distinction comes from whether I’m looking for God “out there” or I’m searching for and coming into contact with God in me. It is an experience that only I can validate having – or not. It is a visceral contact with the Living God who dwells in me. It is a direct receiving through contact with God in my heart. It is in God I breathe and move and have my Being. In fact, it truly is God breathing me. If I had to consciously think about every breath, I would die.  The Divine in me is reflected through me when I am not eclipsing this reflection with my own personality structure.