Apple Mask frame

I have always valued relationships at all levels but since discovering and pursing the path of the Enneagram, I now see them as a necessity.  The Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition is based on conversation and being a compassionate listener….sounds simple but it really doesn’t come easy.   Self awareness is a great tool in learning the art of listening.  I’m amazed at how much of my listening is really preparing for my next response…. how often I drift off mentally or how I have my own private conversation while someone else is speaking… takes a lot of vulnerability and self acceptance to admit but that is the beauty of this journey…it’s not a matter of learning just a new skill but seeing yourself in the process.

As our personalities unravel it is so important that we have a place where we can just “BE” where we are and who we are. There are many times we don’t need advice direction or counseling we just need to trust the process and to know we aren’t alone in it.  This kind of relationship has to be sought out. There are risks involved ….emotions surface…fears become evident…inadequacies are felt…on the flip side… honesty…vulnerability…self- awareness and real connection with ourselves and others become our experiences…’s the beauty of this journey.


Self awareness brings awareness to self. Self-awareness within a community full of compassion and acceptance brings transformation.