When looking for resources that will help you along in this process, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of information available. Here are some of the resources that have helped us through the different layers of our journey.

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**A Note About Discovering Your Type**

Some issues can arise when trying to determine your Type through questionnaires. Because we’re dealing with habitual patterns, these patterns may not be visible to us. Our level of self-awareness may not allow us to see all of the characteristics we manifest. Some have asked the help of others who know them well to rate the characteristics for them but this can also lead to skewed results depending upon the nature and health of that relationship; and, more importantly, another cannot know our internal motivations. The key to this journey is always self-awareness because only you can truly know what is going on in your internal landscape. That said, reading and answering written questions doesn’t necessarily reveal the motivations behind behaviors, thoughts, and feelings which are key to determining your Type. A good way to bring your motivations into the light is through the Typing Interview process during which follow-up questions can be used to help draw out the underlying motivations that contribute to the patterns.

The Essential Enneagram by Dr. David Daniels

This small book is great for beginning the process of discovering your Type as well as introducing the Enneagram System. What sets this book apart from the others is the easy-to-understand, concisely written Universal Growth Practices for each Type as well as the guided inner practices. Dr. Daniels also describes with clarity the process of going ‘in and down’ and what it is like to grow in awareness of our internal landscape.

The Wisdom of the Enneagram by Don Riso and Russ Hudson

This is where we started. We utilized the information this book provided to discover our Types as well as to learn what the Enneagram is all about. You rate the characteristics for each Type on a 1-5 scale according to how true they are for you to achieve a score which will represent your possible Type. You can then use the chapters and the Level Diagrams for each Type to verify your Type. The amount of information in this book can seem daunting but is totally do-able in bite-sized pieces. When you get to the Sub-Types, you’ll notice they use “Instinctual Variants” instead but the principle is the same when compared to the other resources listed here; although they claim some basic philosophical differences for this concept. It paints a good picture of each type and the self-revelations just keep coming.

The Complete Enneagram by Beatrice Chestnut, PhD

Because the Enneagram is ever evolving, it is most helpful to read the latest and greatest material. This is that. One important consideration that has become clear about my process and when talking to others about their Type is that the Sub-Type plays a pivotal role in discerning our personality patterns and motivations. The details she provides in the descriptors of not only each type, but how we show up specifically as our Sub-Type is unmatched in other materials. Everything is written in such a practical and easy to understand manner. This is the book to have a refer back to often as your life unfolds.


Enneagram Worldwide

This is the main site for the Narrative Tradition and is filled with information, descriptions and articles from Helen Palmer, David Daniels, M.D., Peter O’Hanrahan, Renee Rosario, Terry Saracino, and others to help you on your journey. They also have a listing of Enneagram Specialists in your area. You’ll want to bookmark this site and return to it often.