Sliced Peaches and Watercolors

  A while back, we were having guests in our home and my daughter decided she wanted to contribute to the festivities by making a fruit pizza. I took her to the store to purchase the needed ingredients. I was in my typical state of wanting to hurry and get things taken care of so […]

Tears with a Purpose

This journey inward can be difficult at times. We go through so many of our moments avoiding the darker, less acceptable parts of us. But that means there are parts of us that are not being acknowledged. Parts of us that need our attention. It’s important to remember that our personality structure developed for good […]


  I have always valued relationships at all levels but since discovering and pursuing the path of the Enneagram, I now see them as a necessity.  The Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition is based on conversation and being a compassionate listener….sounds simple but it really doesn’t come easy.   Self awareness is a great tool in learning the […]