Now What?

Whether you know by now what your Type is or not, you can begin the helpful practices that have been described by the leaders in the Enneagram Narrative Tradition and which Dr. David Daniel calls Universal Growth Practices (UGPs).


This is a breathing practice that allows you to become grounded in and receptive to the present moment. Many moments a day we can have a thought, feeling, or impulse that flashes into our awareness. If that impulse doesn’t seem to fit our current self-perception we can immediately deny it or reject it as false or ignore it because we have judged that thought or feeling as “bad” or “wrong”. The issue becomes that the flash came from somewhere and it doesn’t go away just because we deny its existence. What is required in this first practice is to be receptive to whatever you discover when you relax your patterns through breathing. Some examples of this practice will follow. The guide for this practice consists of a process of components that are dependent upon one another and together, they produce a back and forth flow as we go through this process.


Without being willing to accept what we discover about ourselves, we will not be willing to stay present to our lives for very long. Acceptance does not mean agreeing with our own or others’ actions. It is simply a stance of non-judgmental acknowledgement of what is true for you in this moment.


Manifesting gratitude for this flow of opening your mind, heart, and body and receiving what they have to offer you allow you to stay in the flow.


This has three parts:

  1. Pause
  2. Practice using your inner observer in a non-judgmental stance to observe what could be the cause of this reactivity
  3. Acting in a conscious manner by either letting go of the reactivity or responding in a way that is respectful to yourself and others.


Continue this mindful practice in your daily life.