Is This My Type?

If you are not sure whether you’ve discovered your Type Structure, there are some things you can consider to help you in the discovery process.

When you walk into a gathering, meeting, or party, where does you attention go? Are you looking at the surroundings to find the most comfortable place in the room to sit? Do you look for certain people – perhaps someone who looks like they might need you? Or for the person in charge? What are your first thoughts when you enter? Are you noticing what is wrong with the lighting or the temperature in the room? Do you consider how you would have done things differently if you were in charge? Are you noticing where the exits are so that you can make a quiet exit when you start feeling uncomfortable? During the gathering, do you tend to mingle or do you tend to find a place to sit and hope others come to you? Are you usually the last one to leave, or the first to leave? Once you notice your patterns, you begin to explore what is underneath these behaviors – your motivations.

Each Type has what is referred to as Wings, the two Types are either side of the Type you are considering for yourself. Your core structure is influenced by one or both of these Wings. Reading about the Types on either side of the Type you’re considering will help you see if you have some commonalities.

Another comparison can be made at the Stress and Heart points of the Type depicted by the arrows on the diagram above. Going with the arrows is your Stress Point and going against the arrows is your Heart or Security Point. Consider times you were under extreme stress. This is not the typical or everyday kind of stress. This stress is the brought on by catastrophic events such as an impending divorce or the loss of a loved one. How does your personality change? What strategies do you use to get through these times while minimizing your suffering? Do these correlate with the stress point of the core type you are considering? The same awareness can be applied by going against the arrows to the Heart Point of the type. When you are really feeling safe and secure and all is well and you’re feeling as if you truly don’t have a care in the world, how does your usual pattern shift?

Understanding how we shift under very different circumstances can help us determine our patterns and ultimately guide us to our Core Type.

An Important Note About Discovering Your Type: Some discover their Type quickly and some have taken more time to settle in to their Type. There are many instances when someone has begun this journey thinking they were one Type and further along realized that they are actually another Type. This happens for several reasons. There are some “Look-Alike” Types in which many of the outward behaviors are similar. Also, it can sometimes be difficult to get to the core motivations behind our behaviors. Maintaining an attitude of curiosity helps us in this process.

The Typing Interview is a very helpful method for discovering your Type. These interviews typically last about one hour and can be conducted in person or via Skype. During the interview, follow-up questions are asked in order to dig a little deeper into the motivations behind behaviors.

If you are interested in a Typing Interview, you may contact Jayne through this web site.