A Little Deeper

 Some Definitions to Consider:

Inner Observer


The non-judgmental curious witness to our unconscious pattern of feelings, thoughts and sensations.





 Willingness to be open, relaxing or bodies, quieting our minds, allowing our hearts to receive awareness, with curiosity, all parts of ourselves, even the parts that do not fit our self-image.




Inner Critic


The internal voice that comments on anything and everything you think or say, feel or do with its own scale of measuring right and wrong.








Allowing ourselves see ourselves as we truly are without judgment or attempts to change ourselves.








Telling your story with whole-hearted openness and being open to the possibility of being wounded. This is true strength.







Using courage and compassion to see the world as others see it. To be nonjudgmental. To understand another person’s feelings and to communicate your understanding without over-identifying with those feelings.